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    FSBO Michigan

    We established a local "For Sale by Owner" website (fsbolansing.com, "fizz-bo" Lansing) that is now part of the fsbomichigan.com website network.

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    Information for Buyer and Seller

    To make an offer, ask the owner for the “Residential Offer to Purchase” [or “Offer to Purchase Real Estate”] form.

Want to find out more?

We will soon be offering facts and information on how important it is to use a Realtor ® when buying or selling Real Estate. Please check back with us soon!

Our services

Thinking about selling your Real Estate FSBO (For Sale By Owner)? We are urging people to use a Realtor ® when selling their property. A professional connected with home buyers will get you a better price for your home than you can on your own.

Buying Real Estate Without Paying A Commission

Won't I have to pay a commission when I buy real estate?

No, when working with a realtor ®, you do not pay anything. Nothing. As in $0. Your realtor ® get's paid by the seller. The buyer owes nothing. You get the services of a skilled negotiator, who's full time job is to know the value of the real estate in your market, who can find you the property you desire, completely free. You can't beat a deal like that.

Realtors ® Try To Sell You The Most Expensive Property

Won't a realtor ® try to make me buy the most expensive property?

No, your happiness is worth more to your realtor ® than a few extra dollars in commission. They know that a happy client will refer them new clients based on their positive experience, and most will go above and beyond the call of duty to keep you happy.

FSBO And Real Estate Law

Are you well versed in real estate law?

Saving on your real estate brokerage commissions won't mean much if the buyers sue you after close of escrow because you forgot to give them manditory federal, state, and local property disclosures about such problems as lead based paints, aluminum wiring or work done without a building permit. Are you crystal clear on discrimination laws, and how to avoid problems with the Equal Housing Opportunity agency in your area? Do you have the time to stay on top of these ever changing laws?

Preparing A FSBO For Sale

Do you know how to prepare your house for sale?

What may seem like charming quirks to you may be turning off potential buyers. You need an outside perspective to be open and honest with you about your property, removing your feelings from the deal. When working with a real estate agent, you gain an experienced salesperson who knows exactly how to get your property into prime selling condition, so you get the best possible price.

New Homes To Buy


3164 Wissing Lane 3 BR, 1.75 Bath, 2075 Sq. ft


8098 North 27th St. 5 BR, 3 Bath, 3000 Sq. ft.


5659 Mt. Olivet Rd 3 BR, 2 Bath, 1400 Sq. ft

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