Tips For Home Selling

There are some key things that you can do to increase the chances of selling your home. You should attempt to do as many of these items as possible. First impressions are critical in selling your home. Remember, you have only one shot.

First Impressions – Keep the interior and exterior free of clutter. Your lawn (shrubs, trees, flowers, etc.) should be well groomed to ensure a well-maintained appearance.

Redecorating – If any parts of your home needs redecorating badly do so if economically feasible. You should not take on major redecorating jobs. You want to get back the back the money you put into your house.

Clean Windows – This makes a huge difference! Nothing will put off a potential buyer like noticeably dirty windows. This continues the perception of a well maintained home.

Kitchen and Bath – These are often the most important areas of the home to potential buyers. Apply fresh caulk around the tub and shower. Do a thorough cleaning of the entire tile in the bathrooms.

Turn on Lights – Bright rooms appear larger.

Clean Basement – A cluttered basement often retains the smell of mildew and gives off the impression to potential buyers that there is a water leak even if there is not one.

Stairways – Keep them clean and uncluttered. This presents a hazard to potential buyers and gives off the impression of negligence.

Closets – Empty them! Closets stuffed with items give the impression to potential buyers that your home lacks adequate closet space. Move items to an attic or other storage spot.

Children/Pets – Make other arrangements for your children and pets while showing your home.

Music – Play soft music. Turn off the television.

Never Apologize for Appearance – It will call attention to the condition that much more.

Sell the House First – Leave the sale of appliances and furnishings until you have a signed contract of sale.

Night Appointments – Turn on all you exterior lights. Try not to show your house at night for safety reasons.